Scarlet Nexus shares new videos and more details about their characters

Scarlet Nexus shares new videos and more details about their characters

Today was the last day of official broadcasts at the Tokyo Game Show 2020 online fair , and behind the panels of major companies such as Capcom , Square Enix or Microsoft , Bandai Namco was one of the last to offer news on its next video games . The Japanese entity has focused above all on offering new information about Scarlet Nexus , the role and title of the action created by those responsible for Tales of and with which they will be published in the new generation of consoles . Below we inform you of everything that was announced a few hours ago:


  • Kasane Randall : We are in front of the video game co-star, a new OSF recruit who dominates telekinesis . She is described as a cool and rational young woman, indifferent to others. She stands out for her sense of combat and her superpowers, which have allowed her to position herself as one of the best students of the OSF academy. Also, for a while has a recurring dream of “red threads” , and you still don’t know what that might mean.
  • Tsugumi Nazar : Another member of the Other Force of Supression who is distinguished by her mastery of clairvoyance ; He served the organization for 12 years. She is a shy girl who gets very nervous when having a conversation with someone (which is quite frustrating for her), but on the battlefield she is quite competitive.
  • Gemma Garrison : This veteran soldier has been in the OSF for over 38 years and has the superpower to strengthen his own body. He has survived countless battles and has a lot of experience, but his retirement is near, as the possession of these special powers gradually weakens them over the years.
  • Luka Through With 22 years of service behind him, this young man who has the power to teleport is often mistaken for a girl because of his looks and personality. He stood out among other soldiers for his analytical ability in the most complicated situations, which led him to be part of the “North”, an elite group of OSF warriors.

New trailer

Bandai Namco took the opportunity to publish a new video focused on the scenario of Scarlet Nexus and the origins of its other protagonist: Yuito Sumeragi . After a traumatic past which is mainly linked to an encounter with the “Others”, beings descended from the heavens for the sole purpose of feeding on the brain of humans, the objective of this young man will be to promote positions in the OSF for power Uncover the mysteries of the current world situation.

More gameplay clips

In case all of this information wasn’t enough, Bandai Namco also left us with several minutes of pure gameplay and many more in which we are taught a few cutscenes . Here you can see more details about the combat system and you can even see more environments of the post-apocalyptic world in which this action role-playing game is set.

Scarlet Link will go on sale at the end of this year for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 , and to the delight of Spanish-speaking gamers, the title has been confirmed to have texts in Spanish.

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