Ninja explains why he stopped playing Fortnite for several months

Ninja explains why he stopped playing Fortnite for several months

Ninja is one of the most well-known figures in the gaming world, being his return to Twitch one of the biggest moves in the industry over the past year or so. Likewise, the streamer pushed his popularity to unsuspected limits by playing mostly Fortnite for a long time. However, Tyler Blevins months ago I Didn’t Walk the Battle Royale Floor , and with his return to Epic Games, he wanted to explain what this long absence was due to.

Ninja talks about his return to Fortnite

This is what Ninja has said in his recent statements, mainly claiming that he hasn’t had a good time playing battle royale anymore (via Dexerto ):

“I’m just coming back to playing Fortnite. I haven’t played for several months. Honestly, the game was no longer fun for me . It was very boring and it was not very fresh. I really mean that I have nothing good to say about Fortnite the past two seasons . […] SypherPK, a friend of mine, wrote to me and said “man, you wanna play Fortnite, we’re doing some duets and trying” so I said yes. “

Ninja indicates that after that, Today he’s having a great time playing Fortnite again , and he truly believes the game is at a time when it’s fun again. Actually, it is interesting to play single player games which I haven’t spent time on for a long time. There is no doubt that since Epic Games they should be delighted that Ninja is once again among the players in their work, as the influence of the streamer is enough to keep the title one of the most popular online.

Fortnite, available on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC and Android , recently released update 14.20 with lots of new features. In this link You will find all the new content introduced by the developer.

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