Metal Gear Solid is coming to PC along with other Konami classics and these are our impressions

Metal Gear Solid is coming to PC along with other Konami classics and these are our impressions

Solid Snake, Raiden, the Belmonts, and other corporate legends come to GOG and we assess how enjoyable their return to computers is

This very weekend, Konami decided to bring happiness to the most nostalgic in the industry with the return of the beginnings of some of its most iconic sagas . Specifically, Gear Metal , Metal Gear Solid Yes Metal Gear Solid 2 , Beside the Series Collector Konami – which brings with it the first three games of Castlevania and the first two against – they reached the computers via GOG, so that those who performed their original proposals and those who did not have the power to face an ideal opportunity to enjoy them via the digital format.

Thus, the return of such famous adventures is not a light event and, from Areajugones , we were able to taste these works with the intention of sharing with you how well the arrival of the contemporary on PC has welcomed the whole. productions. Then, is this a series of valuable acquisitions or a missed opportunity to value their respective legacies? We hope to clarify this and more doubts in this article about our impressions of Konami’s retro collection .

Solid Snake, Raiden, the Belmonts and more: the legends return

First of all, it is imperative to note that this is the first digital version for computers of these works . This fact, it should be noted, represents the most important pillar of the anthology, because symbolizes their availability in a format that will allow them to transcend themselves over time . Although in the past these productions had already made their appearance on PC, they had only made it through a physical format, which threatened the historic integrity of the industry due to the current difficulty . the acquisition of one of these copies.

For its part, it is also important to note that the return to prominence of icons such as Solid Snake, Raiden and the Belmont materialized with certain modifications from their original variants, becoming more accessible titles and desirable for today’s audience . Therefore, we find a fast save modality in all the games listed , although titles like Metal Gear Solid – completely in English – Yes Metal Gear Solid 2 – texts in Spanish – have received more significant improvements than the mere possibility, although extremely useful, to record our campaign progress at all times.

Metal Gear Solid is coming to PC along with other Konami classics and these are our impression

In that sense, the Epic of Solid Snake has inclusions such as an optional first-person Yes VR Missions mod , while Raiden matches the Substance version . The latter is essential to mention because thanks to this the product offers 350 VR missions and 150 alternate missions , the ability to play as Solid Snake Yes various playable characters and game modes , so this is the most complete composition under which you can play the second part of the MGS.

As far as Castlevania and Cons refers, being the same treatment for Metal Gear , the novelties only fall on, as we mentioned before, the practical power to save the game at any point of our journey and the possibility also useful to configure the controls as we wish. In other words, they don’t make much of a difference from their original counterparts, but they continue to be works of immeasurable importance as long as they are reliable representations of the history of the interactive medium.

Metal Gear Solid is coming to PC along with other Konami classics and these are our impression

The best way to play Konami classics?

To answer this question, it is first inexorable to remember that beyond the summons previously described, the volumes are completely intact compared to those of the last decades . Ergo, as they are in no way remastered, no substantial graphic or playable improvements , unlike what has been appreciated in the past with, for example, the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection and the Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection : some anthologies in which, from the previous generation of consoles, it was already possible to relive the journeys of Snake and Raiden.

However, when we speak of Sons of Liberty there is a particular differentiation: This is the first time that the Substance version has received a reissue. , so that except for the original product, there is no other way to enjoy such special extension. Bypassing this caveat, we believe the HD and Legacy collections , especially the former being available on Xbox One via backward compatibility, are more recommended opportunities to venture into Shadow Moses and Big Shell , especially since the Controls – already convoluted and complex to get used to – are much more intuitive than in its recent adaptation to the PC.

Metal Gear Solid is coming to PC along with other Konami classics and these are our impression

Following this last line, it should be emphasized that while the commands are precisely one of the strong points of the console anthologies , in this case it is the Achilles heel because, despite the possibility of voluntarily assigning them , the process to do it is tedious and not very intuitive , even more so due to the original filing of the same . Therefore, before starting to play, it is necessary to go through a laborious and daunting trial and error procedure in order to find the most comfortable configuration of the controls, and This applies to all three Metal Gear like the Series Konami Collector –for which, we will even have to read a PDF manual if we want to know how to properly handle the product.

An imperfect return, but to thank

It is possible that entering the comparisons there are better ways to play several of the products reviewed here, but that does not detract from its current availability on PC. Yes, in terms of controls they are uncomfortable and the lack of graphical evolution even affects the resolution in which we can enjoy the titles – only MGS 2 can be played in true full screen – however, at the same time, cases like those from Substance , the Castlevania Yes The Contra are golden opportunities to be able to taste games which , in any other way , would be practically impossible ; it is its most authentic value.

Therefore, in the end, we consider it more than laudable and admirable for Konami’s work to adapt such works to computers , especially on those who cannot find another modern representation in digitality – Metal Gear. and Metal Gear Solid, on the other hand, have better versions on the market . Therefore, if you are willing to assume that they are, overall, exactly the same products as those of the past, we are in for a nice opportunity to increase the number of fans that these IPs already have , while simultaneously inheriting the legacy. that the video game industry has left over the years is maintained.

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