Klonoa announcement could be imminent

Klonoa Encore's announcement could be imminent

New registry reaffirms existence of video game that would save Namco’s beloved license

Players from the 2000s surely remember Klonoa as the main character in one of Namco’s most beloved sagas and it was forgotten for many years. However, its managers have continued to renew the brand and fans haven’t given up hope that they could play a new album in the future, and that moment could come very soon.

Last year Bandai Namco registered a project under the name Klonoa Encore , alerting the community, but sadly nothing more has been heard on the subject… so far. In the last few hours a new record has emerged in the name of Klonoa of the Wind Encore , and considering that this is usually the last step before a video game is announced , there is reason to believe that the return de Klonoa is near.

Currently there are speculations on the launch of a remake or a port of one of the previous installments , to be able to fully relaunch the saga. This thought comes from the fact that the title carries the word Encore in its name, a term which Bandai Namco usually uses to title some of its ports in Japan; An example of this is Katamari Damacy Reroll, which in Japanese lands was given the name Katamari Damacy Encore.

For now, we’ll have to keep waiting to see if Bandai Namco makes Klonoa’s return , but taking into account that we’re fully Tokyo Game Show 2020 online will that be the company’s timing. to make the announcement? We will have to be patient.

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