How can Rockstar quietly test missions and cars for GTA 6 in GTA Online

How can Rockstar quietly test missions and cars for GTA 6 in GTA Online

Is Rockstar testing missions and cars with “Sixes”? in GTA Online?

Many players speculate that Rockstar developers may test missions and vehicles from the “Six” in GTA Online. Users noticed two key features of the vehicles added to the multiplayer version, which may indicate that they are tested for the next part of the gangster series.

The theory is that from around 2017, more and more detailed vehicles have been introduced into the game, especially when it comes to interiors. Their physics and susceptibility to destruction are also improved.

Which makes players think that the developers are testing vehicles from GTA 6 in GTA Online

One Grand Theft Auto fan wrote:

If you look at the inside of the cars from 2017 to now, they are all very detailed compared to the cars from the beginning of the game, it means the vehicles will be much better than in GTA 5.

A specific example is the Lampadati Tigon added in the previous update.

I found the Lampadati Tigon very destructive when you break it down as well. This may apply to other cars as well, but I haven’t noticed it yet.

How can Rockstar quietly test missions and cars for GTA 6 in GTA Online

The community speculates that a plethora of relatively new DLC cars have been added to GTA Online with GTA 6 in mind. A very noticeable change is the more detailed engines on the new cars.

GTA 6 Mission Styles Tested in GTA Online?

It also seems that Rockstar can test not only vehicles but also missions via GTA Online. The casino robbery may be the first example of “nonlinear” mission style that hit the game.

The missions will also be much more non-linear than in GTA 5 and RDR2. The casino robbery is a great example of this. There is no mission failed in the heist. If you alert the enemies, you can just shoot them down and continue the heist normally (if you or your teammates die, the mission will restart). I believe it was organized this way to see our reaction and opinions on such missions. – remarked one of the community members

This is certainly not the first time GTA Online players feel they have noticed the trailers and tips for the “Six”. Still, it seems very likely.

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