The first preview of this season’s ultimate Fortnite event. The announcement of the next heroes

The first preview of this season's ultimate Fortnite event. The announcement of the next heroes

“It looks like there is a preview of more skins and thus the first hint for the event.

There is still a lot of time until the end of Season 4, but we can already guess what the biggest event will be based on. A cover for the latest Fortnite x Marvel comic has appeared on Reddit, showing the skins yet to be released.

The cover mainly shows Marvel characters who are going to fight Galactus. This is probably what the whole event will be like.

The first announcement of the event

A trained eye will spot a few skins that are not yet in the game. These will probably appear in the next few weeks, certainly before the event.

When to expect the event? It is completely unknown. The game files do not mention the event and it is not officially planned. Unofficially, since the beginning of the season, there has been talk of a great clash that will somehow change the map again and at the same time say goodbye to the Marvel thread.

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