Fortnite Season 4 Secret ‘Aftermath’ Challenge Guide

Fortnite Season 4 Secret 'Aftermath' Challenge Guide

Throughout the succession of seasons that have reached Fortnite , Epic Games has experimented with different ways of establishing a hidden narrative in the game and that this conforms as a parallel plot to that of the same season; something we’ve already seen with this war between garden gnomes and teddy bears a few months ago and that would take place again in season 4.

The point is that the aforementioned gnomes have again offered a series of secret challenges in Fortnite after the premiere from patch 14.20 of the game, given that the challenge that we have already told you in this other article and in which it would be necessary to deactivate the pitfalls, the previously mentioned update brought another, called Consequences.

For this reason and taking into account that these types of challenges always give an extra boost to the Battle Pass thanks to the amount of experience points they offer, we wanted to make this guide so that you can complete the challenge. quickly and easily.

How to complete the “Aftermath” challenge of patch 14.20 Fortnite

Unlike the previous hidden challenges, the one that catches our attention here will only require us to get to a specific point on the stage to hit a garden gnome with our beak. However, this can go unnoticed if you are not sure where to look. Therefore, we wanted to prepare a video in which to show you its exact location:

Once you have completed this simple task, the challenge will be over and you will have obtained a good handful of experience points that have increased the level of the Fortnite Season 4 Battle Pass a little more.

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