Fall Guys developers show what the character’s interior looks like. They are definitely not sweet beans

Fall Guys developers show what the character's interior looks like. They are definitely not sweet beans

Sweet beans outside, monsters inside. The developers show the character’s interior in Fall Guys.

Fall Guys is a very interesting project that developers are constantly developing. If players were to describe this game, most probably would describe it as very colorful and joyful. The characters in this production appear to be small, chubby and deceptively similar to beans.

As it turned out, these cute little men hide a much more terrifying, dark secret. Before that, the community had no insight into the inside of characters, and apparently for good reason, now that has changed.

How do the characters in Fall Guys look inside?

The Fall Guys Senior Concept Artist has revealed artwork of the designs that show each character’s appearance from the inside. This is one of the scariest things you can imagine. The skeleton may slightly resemble a human being, but everything is curved in a strange way, and the legs resemble those of a bird.

The worst part, however, is the eyes, which connect to the skull via a very long optic nerve.

Interestingly, the characters look rather small, yet they are 183 cm tall. They are therefore very similar in size to humans.

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