Riot wants Valorant to be as big as League of Legends and announces Valorant First Strike

Riot wants Valorant to be as big as League of Legends and announces Valorant First Strike

Riot doesn’t want to wait any longer and announces its own first big tournament.

Esports will be a very important part of Valorant, and while Riot has been more of an observer until now, it is now announcing its own big tournament divided into specific regions.

Valorant First Strike seems to be the first big test of the ranges that the new FPS can achieve.

What do you need to know about it?

If you’re completely uninterested in esports, the coolest news is that Riot is working on observer mode and custom features.

We also took your requests for observer functions very seriously. Several of them are already available and more will follow in the future.

Valorant first strike

And that’s basically everything the average player will care about, while Valorant First Strike is simply an international competition that will end with great local finals. Of course, Riot puts it in lofty words, saying that Valorant is to be the leading esports title, game of its generation, etc. The whole thing will be divided into different regions, i.e. L.

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Commonwealth of Independent States
  • Turkey
  • Asia
  • Oceania
  • Brazil
  • Near East

The regional qualifying competition will start in the second half of October. We will post more information on the rules, our policies and registration in the coming weeks. The event will culminate in numerous local finals that will take place between December 3 and 6. Players over 16 years of age who have achieved the rank of Immortal 1 will be eligible to participate in the qualifier, but we recommend that you read all rules and our policies when we publish them.

It is good information for people who love esports as well as for those who are not very keen on professional games. The former will have the opportunity to watch the best players in the world, while the latter can count on the strong development of the game as such.

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