Fortnite reportedly disclosed Blade’s future appearance in season 4

Fortnite reportedly disclosed Blade's future appearance in season 4

We will agree that one of the biggest attractions of the current season of Fortnite has to do with the crossover that the title has played with the Wonder Universe since its inception. And, if we say that, it is no longer only because of the presence of a series of skins linked to several of the publisher’s superheroes in the Battle Pass, but with the appearance of said characters on the map, like this happened recently with Wolverine thanks to Battle Royale Patch Release 14.20 .

And, precisely, with the latter will be linked the information that we want to collect in this direction, in particular with a filtration that was carried out by the leaker says FNLeaksAndInfo On Twitter by diving into the lines of code of the last Fortnite update.

The point is, the dataminer left us with images of accounts of what appears to be a set related to one of Marvel’s most mythical characters : Blade ; Although it is true that it is not yet clear whether this will be formed as a pack of cosmetic items that we can buy in the game store or, on the contrary, it will be one of the new final bosses that will appear on the in-game scene in the next few years. weeks. Next, we leave you the screenshots of the filtration so that you can take a look with your own eyes:

Finally, and in order to complete the information that we wanted to share with you all in the same direction, we can only remind you that in Areajugones We will be very attentive to the next steps that you will take Fortnite with the objective of bringing you all the important news that comes in relation to its season 4.

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