Sylas ‘bug allows the hero to use other Kha’ Zix abilities

Sylas' bug allows the hero to use other Kha'Zix abilities

Sylas is now able to use Kha’Zix’s Q and E thanks to a bug, and his original E resets when he is knocked down.

Sylas’ ultimate constantly causes problems for creators. Even though the hero was not affected by any changes in the last update, there was one bug that makes Silas much more effective in a game against Kha – Zix. The bug allows him to take over not only the opponent’s ulta, but also his Q and E. But that’s not all.

What is the newly discovered error?

When Sylas adds a point to his ultimate when he has Kha’Zix’s Ulta instead of his, he will get the same evolution as the other hero. If Q or E is evolved (in Error it doesn’t work, because Sylas doesn’t steal the projectiles that Kha’Zix shoots), he gets Kha’Zix’s skills, and when Ulta is used, his skill is restored.

But that’s not all, because if Sylas decided to upgrade E and used Kha’s Zix ulta, after E’s skill is returned, it will reset on knocking down an opponent, as will an evolved jump.

The bug was posted in a video by user Eldimarix and was later tested by Vandiril as well. You can find both videos below.

Since the bug is really serious, it is likely that Sylas will be shut down soon and Riot will release patches. However, many players are shocked and make fun of the devs, not understanding how a similar problem could have arisen in the game when none of the characters had been changed recently (only Sylas’ cooldown was lowered in patch 10.19).

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