Valorant patch 1.08 reportedly revealed future version on mobile devices

Valorant patch 1.08 reportedly revealed future version on mobile devices

Taking into account that Valorant could become one of the biggest phenomena in the video game world in the years to come (a belief that has even been endorsed by some of the most important figures in the esports world ), it would be makes sense that Riot Games would look for ways to expand the franchise beyond the content patches it publishes for the game; something you could achieve, for example, publish the title on other non-PC platforms.

And this is not the first time that this possibility has been speculated and has already confirmed its own Riot Games you are working on a version of Valorant for consoles , the truth is that patch 1.08 has revealed a mention of a another type of device in which the community wants to see the game: smartphones.

The point is, the youtuber known as SkillCapped Valorant collected a leak that basically consisted of a line of code appearing in patch 1.08 of the game and it was referring to an action that could be performed  ‘hit the game twice right of the screen ” ; something that leads us to speculate on the possibility that Riot Games is already preparing a control system adapted to the touchscreen of a mobile phone.

However, we have to clarify that Valorant officials have made it clear on several occasions that while they are working to bring the game to other platforms, they will only launch it in them if their gaming experience turns out to be sufficiently satisfactory and faithful to what can be obtained when playing the title on PC.

Therefore, in Areajugones We will be very attentive to the next steps that you will take Valorant with the aim of bringing you all the relevant news that presents itself on its future.

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