Ermac, Rain or… Harley Quinn? Mortal Kombat 11 gears up for cryptic announcement

Ermac, Rain or… Harley Quinn Mortal Kombat 11 gears up for cryptic announcement

Mortal Kombat 11 and The Assumptions are, certainly, an inseparable pair. Thanks to NetherRealm Studios and, even more difficult, Ed Boon’s constantly playing with the community on what might, and might not, tackle the video game , title users are still on the hunt for what will be next to add. to combat work. Mileena and Reptile , to name a few, have been strong guarantors of guesswork and guesswork, especially now that this month will be a big one for the title in terms of announcements.

However, the tower theory does not correspond to the characters mentioned above but, on the contrary, belongs to other iconic fighters in the IP. Speaking of which, Aubaine shared a tweet in which he shares an a cappella version of Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen’s legendary song, in which he assures us that ”  Queen gives you the first clue of what’s going on for MK11 ” Then, in a tweet later he added: ”  Open your eyes … Look at the sky and see “.

This, of course, was enough for the loyal Mortal Kombat 11 community to go mad with projections of what the missive might be hidden in such a cryptic exhibit. The most recurring, it should be noted, have come across the mythical Ermac et Pluie , long in demand for the works, as in the aforementioned Reptile and, surprisingly, Harley Quinn , but these are just guesswork. Even so, it’s clear that some important stuff will be coming soon for delivery, so we’ll be keen to find out what brings Studios from the NetherRealm into our hands.

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