Among Us hit a peak of 388,000 players in 24 hours on Steam!

Among Us hit a peak of 388,000 players in 24 hours on Steam!

While games in the past have seen meteoric climbs, it’s hard to find really one that went the same way as with Among Us. This is a game released in 2018 and is remained relatively unknown until it caught a wave of popularity among content creators on Twitch and YouTube. This wave of influence has taken the game from an average of 117 players on Steam in January 2020 to 84,000+ in the past 30 days.

According to the numbers collected on Steam Charts, there is an incredible achievement to be told from the humble beginnings of Among Us. The game has clearly been released with very little fanfare, as evidenced by the first six months of the game’s lifespan on Steam. Among us, we averaged less than 10 players over that time frame, until he finally experienced his first small jump in June 2019. While the game has mostly been able to retain that player base, it hasn’t did not experience significant growth until July 2020.

Among Us hit a peak of 388,000 players in 24 hours on Steam!

The surge in popularity started when the game went on sale during the Steam Summer Sale, and culminated with Sodapoppin’s game, which is a very popular streamer on Twitch. This flow started the chain of events that got us to where we are now. It was picked up by many Twitch and YouTube content creators and has been a rocket ever since. You could argue that the pandemic has helped her progress, due to the fact that so many people are at home and looking for ways to spend time with friends and family. It’s a game that’s meant to be played with people you know, and while it can be enjoyed in a random pub, it’s usually best to get your friends together for a game.

The game broke its popularity record on September 19, 2020, reaching 388,385 players at a time on Steam. That’s an incredible number from a game that had yet to peak into triple digits six months after launch.

Among Us is available on Steam for $ 4.99, and if you prefer a mobile experience , you can get it for free on iOS or Android devices.

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