PES 2021 football test

PES 2021 football test

A new season begins for the beautiful game , although, as Konami already advanced a few months ago this new edition of the highly anticipated eFootball PES will be a bit more decaffeinated than usual . And it is that the Japanese developer clarified that this campaign that we would have an edition in the form of an update of the title appeared during the last campaign with 2020.

PES 2021 football test

The main reason was obvious in that, from Konami, they are focusing on a big jump to the new generation of consoles where they are already working on the PES 2022 edition with the new Unreal Engine 5 . Therefore, we find eFootball PES 2021 a discounted title to comply with the current campaign and satisfy all fans of the saga. That’s enough? We will tell you all below in our analysis.

A new season begins

eFootball PES 2021 is aware of what it has to offer and so this has been spelled out in the title of the game where we enjoy the nickname of ‘ Season Update ‘ Therefore, we are facing a seasonal title update. base that appeared last year with eFootball PES 2020 . In this way, from now on, we make it clear that this is not a new title but last year’s one updated with small improvements.

In this sense, Konami is very clear that its next challenge will be the next generation. eFootball PES 2021 is offered at a discounted price of $ 29.99 (although if we have the latest edition we will have a 20% discount) something that fans of the saga will appreciate, even if they don’t have to. not expect too much news. The first thing that we will notice as soon as we start the title is the appearance of the menus where everything is the same as in the previous title with the classic game modes that we have already found in the last campaign like ‘ Start match“Where we can play the classic friendlies against the CPU or against friends as well as competitions such as UEFA, leagues and training sessions”, eFootball “where we will access the online modes for the division rankings and ‘ myClub ‘ tournament where we will manage our team to take them to glory, the classics ‘ League of Masters ‘ and ‘ Be a Legend ‘.

Now and after warming up a bit before continuing, we have to clarify that eFootball PES 2021 continues to follow one of the best football simulators that can be found in the current panorama which comes with some modifications compared to its delivery. previous and with a well-established basis after the best that the previous one received with the update packages.

Some tweaks to gameplay and game modes

If you are a big fan of the saga, it won’t take long to notice some changes in the gameplay , and has Konami He already bet on it in the last edition with a smarter and better defined AI. Goalkeepers feel even better than in the last edition, while one of the more annoying effects like clash between players is more polished. After many matches behind us we noticed a greater fluidity of the ball as this wheel faster on the grass giving a greater sense of realism in the matches, which is particularly appreciated.

PES 2021 football test

The shots are still in their original line feeling quite realistic and successful, to score good goals you have to be good enough, while now defending will also be the key to defining the games because above all the star players will continue to play. have special dribbles that can make us sweat . The passes are always a desire and I can not in the saga because you have to be very precise not to lose the ball and the AI is not the best to read our intentions in the game.

When we play on offense we notice the good work of super stars like Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo because they will be capable of anything and will leave us speechless with a few games if we know how to use them correctly. However, In the offensive lines, a faster transition is appreciated than in the last edition giving an aspect of tension and realism in the meetings which is appreciated.

Leaving aside the classic realistic gameplay of PES and combining a bit more in the game modes, as we commented on in the previous section, we are exactly the same as in the last edition except for the new management elements. in MyClub where we can act as “managers” to sign, browse players, change tactics, etc. Likewise and in addition for those who arrive from the last edition, we will find some “bonuses” to continue with what was done in the previous campaign.

also new additions arrive to the Master League with new licensed coaches such as the iconic Pep Guardiola, Frank Lampard or Ryan Giggs who join the old acquaintances of the previous edition beyond it’s still the same mode of the previous edition.

Goodbye FOX engine

eFootBall PES 2021 is the final farewell to the FOX engine how good results have been given to the franchise in this generation. The finish of the players, stadiums and kits is always magnificent and with a fairly realistic result in terms of the movements of the players and their expressions on the pitch, but … everything remains exactly the same as in the last edition there is therefore no apparent change.

PES 2021 football test

PES will prepare the arrival of Unreal Engine 5 in what will be the opening of the saga in the new generation, so we are faced with a transition title and a small patch for what awaits us. Regarding the sound part, everything remains the same, Carlos Martinez and Maldini’s comments are still “correct” although it is still the leanest part of the saga. Well he repeats expressions ad nauseam, although the soundtracks included in the menus are always a delight.

Multiplayer modes are still a big hit in PES and the ranking systems are still exactly the same as in PES 2021 So in this section we can add little, we will continue to try to move up the division, getting points for victories and the opportunity to participate in the ever-rampant online championships. From a licensing point of view, we have a big downside here and that is that everything seems done with leftovers with very few licensed teams apart from FC Barcelona , Bayern , Juventus or Machester united even thoughKonami has already warned that everything is going to undergo a big change with the big free update that we will find on October 22.


EFootball PES 2021 yes or no? Well it depends a lot on how we are fans of the saga, because we are faced with a title which is exactly the same as the previous one, although with “updated” models because until October 22 , he seems to have taken everything with scraps.

PES 2021 football test

Simulation is always a delight, and a great proposition on the pitch , but beyond a few minor gameplay changes, everything remains the same. The discount for those who have the previous edition is a success and for new players the reduced price of the game is an addition, but in general we expected a little more effort in the development of this new installment.

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