Hogwarts Legacy: JK Rowling not involved in development of new Harry Potter RPG

Hogwarts Legacy JK Rowling not involved in development of new Harry Potter RPG

The controversial writer, however, will continue to reap economic benefits from sales of the video game because of the rights she holds in it.

During the last PlayStation Showcase , Sony left us big announcements like the date and price of the PS5 , the reveal of Final Fantasy XVI or the first gameplay trailer of the desired Hogwarts Legacy , the new RPG. from Harry Potter that had been starring in rumors and leaks for months. Now after confirming launch pads and showing up in a series of screenshots , we receive news regarding The Legacy of Hogwarts and the relationship of controversial writer JK Rowling. with the project.

As they have officially confirmed from Warner Bros. Games. controversial Harry Potter writer JK Rowling is not involved in the development of the new Hogwarts Legacy . In this way, the creators of the video game distance themselves from the writer to make it understood that the work comes without their support or their participation. Despite this, JK Rowling retains some rights to the product so it will give you money based on the sales you get .

So while JK Rowling won’t have influenced the video game, Hogwarts Legacy will still be a product that when you buy it will give the writer some of our money. It should be noted as there are not a few fans who have expressed their displeasure with the writer’s transphobic ideas over the past few months on social media.

Anyway, we remember that the legacy of Hogwarts was announced for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S . The video game at the moment doesn’t have a specific release date, but it has confirmed that it will reach the aforementioned platforms at some point in 2021. We will be attentive to bring any news that may arise in this regard.

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