Fortnite: everything you need to know about the jump the game will make on PS5

Fortnite everything you need to know about the jump the game will make on PS5

Now that the cards are on the table and we finally have enough detail on how the leap Fortnite is going to give the next gen of consoles the truth is, now is a good time to stop for a few moments and collect all of these information in order to clarify any doubts that may remain on the matter.

Particularly because the event that Sony celebrated yesterday regarding PlayStation 5 allowed us to resolve many of these questions. In this way, below We will leave you a list of data on all these keys that you need to know about the step that it will take Fortnite towards the new generation.

And is that, although we must remember that this information refers specifically to the PS5 , the truth is that it would not be unreasonable if it also applied to the case of the Xbox Series X; although we still have to wait a little longer Epic Games and Microsoft to clarify the future situation of the game in this latest console.

Fortnite progress, account transfer and graphics improvements on PS5

Crossplay and Cross-progression

One of Epic Games’ goals with Fortnite’s move to the next gen is to maintain a bridge between the present and the next, ensuring that the leap fans make does not negatively impact the content they have unlocked or in which they can play:

  • The game will have cross play between the PS5 and the rest of the platforms it is available on
  • Players will be able to transfer all their progress and purchases from their account to PlayStation 5, according to own Epic Games reported

Fortnite progress, account transfer and graphics improvements on PS5

Graphics and technical improvements

The video that Sony and Epic Games presented at yesterday’s event on the graphics that it will have Fortnite on PS5 and which you can check out via this same link allowed us to take a first look at the game in the next generation. However, we see fit to collect all these improvements in the following list so that you don’t miss a thing :

  • New lighting details
  • Improved textures
  • Volumetric clouds
  • More particles
  • New effects when knocked down
  • New effects on the skin
  • New sounds for some of the weapons

However, we have to remember that Epic Games planning this Fortnite makes another big graphics leap when it straddles Unreal Engine 5 , the company’s new graphics engine; something that’s going to happen in the middle of next year 2021 . Then we leave you the video that was published a few months ago and which allowed us to appreciate several of the advantages of the engine:

Release date and price

As with the current generation, Fortnite can be played on PS5 at no cost on the same console launch day: November 19 of this year . In addition, it would make sense that it would not be necessary to be a PS Plus subscription either; although the latter has not yet been confirmed by the Sony and, therefore, we have to wait for the company to comment on the matter.

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