Crysis Remastered Analysis

Crysis Remastered Analysis

Almost 13 years ago I went to Crysis stores , a title that managed to rock the hardware industry at the time. And the game was so demanding, that the development of graphics cards evolved around this video game. Since then, Crytek has built a good reputation within the PC community as this title has been one of the benchmarks in first person shooter games and a great benchmarking tool. This year of Crytek they wanted us to go back to 2007 to replicate the sentiment towards Crysis , with a tremendous facelift , and question the power of today’s graphics cards.Today we bring you the analysis of Crysis Remastered , a title capable of shaking even the RTX 3000.

After going through Nintendo Switch, Remastered Crysis comes exclusively on PC for the Epic Store and on current generation consoles such as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The team delayed its launch for a few weeks to “achieve excellent console and PC standards.” After playing Crysis Remastered in this review, we will convey our conclusions about the return of Nomad, Prophet and Company.

We put the Nanosuit back on

Looking back, the original Crysis had excellent reviews in the trade media. And it is not for less, since built with the CryEngine 2.0, the title has managed to satisfy all the needs of shooting enthusiasts, just as it has delighted many with its graphic quality. Crytek wanted us to relive that feeling in 2020. It was a good attempt.

Crysis curiously takes place in 2020, where a group of archaeologists uncover a vital discovery for humanity in the Lingshan Islands, ruled by North Korean forces in the hands of General Ri-Chan Kyon. The Raptor team, made up of Nomad, the protagonist of this story, Psycho, Aztec, Jester, and the leader Prophet, are tasked with evacuating the group of investigators and obtaining the information found. The team has advanced nanosuits , capable of absorbing all kinds of impacts and camouflaging themselves independently. After forcibly landing on the island, a member of the team, Aztec, is unusually killed by a mysterious creature. This is where the protagonist’s journey begins.

The story is fairly straightforward in Crysis, and its narrative component is not surprising. However, completing missions using the Nanosuit fascinated around this time and continues to do so. The possibilities of defeating enemies were very varied. Taking advantage of our surroundings , in addition to the suit’s abilities, we had endless chances to take down enemy troops and creatures , something much appreciated at the time. As far as Remastered Crysis goes , that feeling persists, although mechanically it gets a bit gross , as it maintains much of the trends of the time. The comparisons are heinous, but after playing DOOM Eternalthis year the frenetic pace he was supposed to have Crysis In addition to the virtues of the Nanosuit, he looks totally dismembered. In this sense, Crytek seems to have wanted to evolve and keep its essence, it gives the feeling that they have fallen a bit short.

Crysis Remastered Analysis

But, can our PC run Crysis?

The main reason for playing Crysis Remastered is without a doubt its visual improvements. And does this new version come with 8K Textures , reflections and shadows improvements, new lighting options, HDR, and even native ray tracing . Regarding ray tracing, Crytek added it natively in their engine, which means that we won’t need the RT cores of our graphics to take advantage of this technology. The overall finish of the game is really shocking, although the facial animations and textures fall short. We’re talking about a remastered version, not a remake, so when it comes to the last one mentioned, it makes sense that there weren’t too many changes. There are also changes in the color palette, which is much more lively and vibrant, although it does not suit everyone. This situation can be transferred to the case of the remake of Shadow of the Colossus or Souls of the Demon directed by Bluepoint, where the change in the color palette upset some fans.

Crysis Remastered Analysis

However, the controversy with the visual improvements comes with the “  Can it run Crysis ”, being the last step in terms of the game’s graphical setup. First of all and to put us in context, this mode is called like that, referring to the first title, where every graphics card that came out, there was always someone asking… But can he run Crysis? In this case, configure the game in said graphics option, there is no graphics card in the market that runs it over 4K and 30fps stable . These words came from the mouth of Steffen Halbig himself, project manager at Crysis Remastered . And is n’t even the current RTX 3080it is capable of reaching this rate in the aforementioned mode. In this way, Crysis remastered is once again a benchmark tool that will serve for the next 5-6 years.


Crysis Remastered This is how Crytek decided to want to be relevant in the industry again, that is, by launching a product that manages to use every bit of our graphics card. The nostalgia is very present in this title, and the pleasure offered by the original is still intact in this remastered version. The facelift may not be popular with many, which makes us wonder if this title was really necessary. What we are sure is that this will give much talk even in the years to come, especially as to whether our graph can run Crysis Remastered.

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