A new Fortnite Rollie dance has been leaked!

A new Fortnite Rollie dance has been leaked!

If you’re a fan of the popular music-based dances that were added to Fortnite recently, another just leaked. This one is called Rollie and is from the song Rolex by Ayo & Teo. The emote should be released very soon, so you can pick it up from the Fortnite Item Shop once it’s available.

Here’s a look at the in-game emote:


Epic steps up dances from various music genres and features them in the game. There has been a lot of controversy in the past about Fortnite with dances from TV, movies, and music. It looks like they’ve found a way to fire things now in a way that appeals to artists and fans alike.

You can check out Ayo & Teo Rolex’s official video with emote dancing below.

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