Fortnite players use a special game mode, par to have an infinite amount of XP quot

Fortnite players use a special game mode, par to have an infinite amount of XP quot

Recently, there were a lot of bugs in Fortnite allowing you to get much more XP than normal.

Fortnite bugs are nothing new. It is worse when they affect the speed of unlocking cosmetic items or allow you to gain an advantage in the game.

For several days in the Battle Royale mode, the community entered the game through a specially prepared creative mode, thanks to which players were able to farm their experience points.

How it’s working?

Bug shows exactly on his channel; Glitch King. It was enough to enter the creative mode on the previously prepared map and start the match in the taxi mode. There, you could complete the challenges without any problems.

Fortnite Glitch King

The very name of the island says it is about XP Glitch. Is it forbidden and may result in a ban? This is completely unknown, so far Epic has not commented on this matter, but it is worth remembering that the deliberate use of bugs, bugs and glitches is against the rules of the game, and this may result in consequences in the form of account suspension.

So if you like to play your main, it’s not worth having fun. It is impossible to enter this mode less than that, so explaining that someone did not know something will not be effective.

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