Fortnite: Download the New Free PS Plus Celebration Pack Now

Fortnite Download the New Free PS Plus Celebration Pack Now

Even though Fortnite Season 4 has already been established as a milestone in the game where we can unlock a good handful of memorable skins thanks to the recent collaboration between battle royale and the universe of wonder , there’s no denying the fact that Epic Games is still throwing giveaways to some of its fan communities beyond the cosmetic items we can get through a certain Battle Pass.

And, precisely, with these, they will have to see the information that you can find throughout this same article; specifically with you n new Fortnite Celebration Pack which will be exclusive for PlayStation 4 players subscribed to PS Plus.

In this way, those who are part of the platform will be able to download a completely free package which is now available on the PlayStation Store and which you can access through this same link . Next, we leave you the full list of all the items it includes for the battle royale, along with an image you can watch them in to see what they look like with your own eyes:

  • Point perfect point
  • – Dot Patrol wrap
  • – Emoticon What ?!
  • – 1 banner

Fortnite Download the New Free PS Plus Celebration Pack Now

Finally and in order to complete the information that we wanted to share with you all in the same direction, we can only remind you that in Areajugones We will be very attentive to the next steps that you will take Fortnite with the objective of bringing you all the important news that comes up in relation to its season 4.

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