Fortnite available on PlayStation 5 at launch!

We’ve had some great news from the big Sony PlayStation 5 event, and no I’m not talking about the reveal of the new Harry Potter game. I’m talking about the fact that Fortnite will be available for the PS5 on launch day! Not only that, the game is beautiful with the high definition graphics and the capabilities of the next generation console.

You can take a first look at the gameplay captured in Unreal Engine 4 on the PlayStation 5 below.

The new video shows a photo of the Corrupted Shogun skin which will be available in the Corrupted Legends Pack which is expected to be released in the near future. You can also see some new possible animations and new sounds that will be part of the game in the new console.

Hope you haven’t spent all your money on V-Bucks because the PlayStation 5 is going to cost you a pretty dime. If you buy the digital version only, it will cost you US $ 399, and the version with a disc player will cost € 499.

The PlayStation 5 will be available for pre-purchase soon and will be released on November 12, 2020.