These ranks will be most important to Riot on the “rework” LoLa. 10% of players will choose 90%

These ranks will be most important to Riot on the rework LoLa. 10% of players will choose 90%

Riot has extensively explained how he wants to balance all-new items in League of Legends, and which ranks will be most important to him.

League of Legends is about to change beyond recognition. At least when it comes to the items available in the game. Let us remind you quickly that the developers want to change 30% of items, add new 30% and keep 30% as they are now.

The most important novelty will of course be the mythical items:

Mythical Items: A powerful new class of items that will be released in preseason and will form the basis of your bundles. You can only wield one mythical item at a time, and this will almost always be your first purchase. Mythical items tend to have a greater effect and impact on a set than the rest of the items you purchase, mainly because they provide unique bonus stats to your other Legendary items. Since you can only have one mythical item, its choice should depend on the circumstances of the game.

How does Riot want to balance this?

Although Riot ensures that he has everything under control, a certain chaos can be felt in the messages. Balancing will require a special approach, but it is not known what. However, we know which ranks are the most important for developers.

For items, developers will primarily consider players ranging from Platinum IV to Diamond III. Higher and lower ranks will have lower priority. The second group in the queue is from Diamond II to Challenger. Let us also remind you that the largest group of players is in Silver and Gold. However, they will not be taken into account.

  • Silver – 32%
  • Gold – 27%
  • Bronze – 22%
  • Platinum – 9%
  • Iron – 6%
  • Diamond 2.4%
  • Master 0.1%<
  • Grand Master 0.3%
  • Challenger – 0.1%

Riot is well aware that this information will cause some controversy, so he immediately comments:

This doesn’t mean that we ignore the item issues that plague the mediocre group (Iron IV to Gold I) or professional players, but we’ll need to take a special approach to address these issues.

As we mentioned, it is completely unknown what this special approach is and how it should be manifested. Most, over 90% of people are below platinum, while the balance is to be dictated by the remaining 10%.


What does it mean? So far, the creators of LoL have an incredibly difficult task. There will be a lot of chaos in the first few weeks after the item changes. After all, items will affect virtually any champion.

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