Rocket League confirms the date to be free-to-play and the details: cross-progession, event with Fortnite …

Rocket League confirms the date to be free-to-play and the details cross-progession, event with Fortnite ...

It’s been some time since the Psyonyx boys confirmed that Rocket League was going to become a free to play title Of course, they did not specify a date, and there is speculation since the arrival of this work on a free model. It’s been a few hours since his Nintendo had mistakenly escaped the day when the game mixing cars and football was going to be free. Now it has been made official, as we saw in the official PlayStation blog.

They have not only confirmed the date when Rocket League will be made free, but also given all the details of this new model. Additionally, they have confirmed that an update will take place tomorrow that will lay the groundwork for the title to become free to play and add all the new content that will arrive. That way, Rocket League will be free from next September 23.

Rocket League will be free on September 23

Competitive tournaments

A new game mode will arrive where you can participate (alone or in a team) in a real competitive tournament. These will be tournaments formed by 32 teams of a similar range. As you rank higher, you’ll earn Tournament Credits which can be redeemed for a host of new items that will arrive alongside competitive tournaments.

Cross progression

Although there is cross play in Rocket League, many players have wished that cross progress eventually , and what better time now that it will be free for all platforms. This way, no matter what platform you are playing on, that you can progress through your levels in the same way and at the same time without losing progress.

Season 1

As Rocket League goes free on September 23, a Season 1 will kick off with a new pass, the arrival of competitive tournaments, and, maybe something more interesting, a new rank. Now players in Grand Champion range , whoever was previously the highest, they can be Grand Champion rank 1, 2 or 3. And if they manage to climb one rank further, they will become Supersonic Legend.

New challenges

Since September 23, players of Rocket League They will have the opportunity to complete certain challenges every week in order to get XP and additional items.

Available on the Epic Games Store and event with Fortnite

With the arrival of League rockets model free to play, it was also confirmed that he will land in Epic Games Store e it 23 September. Additionally, next week they will also reveal information about a sort of event called Flame-Branch, which aims to be a collaboration with Fortnite.

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