Jarvis, youtuber with cheats trolled so much Epic banned FaZe’s entire house. Will there be a lawsuit?

Jarvis, youtuber with cheats trolled so much Epic banned FaZe's entire house. Will there be a lawsuit

Jarvis, a Youtuber who got banned for cheating on an episode a year ago, recently played Fortnite. In fact, it’s not not, because the whole action was supposed to be a joke.

Jarvis was banned by Epic Games for using cheats to record his episodes. A few days ago, he had the idea to return to Fortnite by organizing a special stream.

The whole thing turned out to be a joke that Epic Games laughed at the least. The developers simply banned FaZe’s house IP, so nobody can play Fortnite.

Jarvis youtuber

The whole thing was a joke, but the ban is really

Some people suspected that something was wrong here and indeed, Jarvis did not play, the character was controlled by his friend during the stream. Epic was not very interested in it, however, and the ban was for real. Interestingly, everyone was happy about it. How did it look from the YouTuber’s perspective?

To sum up all this strange action. Youtuber got banned a year ago for using cheats to record his episodes. The episodes were called straight in the style of “I use Fortnite cheats to troll”. Jarvis, after several months, returned with the idea to convince everyone that he actually plays Fortnite.

Epic, seeing Jarvis playing, banishes the account that appears on Twitch and the IP of the entire FaZe house. As a result, no one can log into the game. Was it worth it? The video has over a million views at the moment, so it was probably reasonably profitable. The problem is that Epic was irritated before, now it may not just end up in a bubble.

Jarvis banned

In the backstage, there is already talk of a lawsuit, but it has not been confirmed in any way. Epic could sue a YouTuber for causing image damage and would probably have a good chance of winning.

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