Epic has just decoded the “X-Wing” hang glider from Star Wars, coming soon to Fortnite

Epic has just decoded the X-Wing hang glider from Star Wars, coming soon to Fortnite

Epic has decoded a new Star Wars hang glider that is likely to be in the store tomorrow.

The fact that the subject of Star Wars will reappear in Fortnite has been known for some time. Until now, however, it was not certain when exactly players would be able to re-purchase skins and various Star Wars items.

Several dozen minutes ago a new hang glider was decoded, which suggests that tomorrow’s store can be really interesting.

Fortnite’s new X-Wing hang glider

As leakeers inform, the hang glider was decoded along with several phrases, these include:

Main Thruster


Stay fearless to the finish

Thruster Air Glow

Vanguard Squadron X-wing

Fortnite hang gliding

Officially, it is not yet known what the glider will cost and when exactly it will be released. Once it has been decoded, it is more a matter of hours than weeks. So far, there is also no information about a possible Star Wars event or the return of lightsabers.

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