Fortnite Venom and Galactus skins coming soon?

Fortnite Venom and Galactus skins coming soon

The Marvel story that threatens the existence of the island and the Fortnite world continues to advance. In patch 14.10, Galactus officially made his presence known by dropping a new Gorger boss on the map that will destroy any player who gets in close and doesn’t know how to fight him. Additionally, in these newly added files from the update, there are hints of a few potential skins that would be very popular among players if they ever entered the Item Shop!

Venom leaks indicate possible skin

The Venom outfit could approach the game in the near future. While we don’t have anything concrete yet, we have some interesting details that have been pulled from the files. One of them is the new “We Are Venom” heirloom that requires you to use Venom’s Smash & Grab ability. This obviously points to the addition of a new mythical Venom-themed superpower. That’s a pretty good indicator that we’ll see a Venom boss at some point, but there’s a chance that it just ends up becoming a Mythic Power you get from a Stark drone!

Venom leaks indicate possible skin

Another clue to the inclusion of Venom is the tooltip with its image. A bunch of these images have been added to the game, one of them being Venom and another Black Panther, which probably means it’s still possible to be added.

Venom leaks indicate possible skin

Galactus could also be a skin

It was always thought that Galactus would eventually become a skin. He’s featured prominently in the comics leading up to the release of Chapter 2: Season 4. He’s going to be an antagonist for at least part of the season, where the Black Winter could eventually take over. So, it wouldn’t surprise me at some point to see him walk into the store. What gives an extra likelihood of happening is the fact that a new set has been added called Galactus. Some Fortnite sets for cosmetics are named directly after the outfit they are wearing. So seeing Galactus as a name like that means that you can very well expect a skin to be based on him in the near future.

Galactus could also be a skin

We don’t know exactly when either of these outfits will be released. I would expect Venom to happen at some point in the middle of the season, and Galactus towards the end. If Galactus really is this season’s final boss, then it makes sense that he’s the closest in terms of outfits. The fact that Venom is part of the game means there’s a possibility that we may get to see Spider-Man at some point! Epic is going all out in terms of Marvel characters so far, so don’t be surprised to see more powerful hitters as we move through the season.

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