Fortnite: location of all PE pieces from week 3 of season 4

Fortnite location of all PE pieces from week 3 of season 4

There are many ways to earn experience points in Fortnite : the weekly challenges that happen every 7 days at the battle royale, the hidden challenges that are released with every new game update … but, without a doubt, another way to get a good extra push is to collect the experience coins that we will find on the map.

However, getting them all can be a really daunting task if we don’t know the Fortnite storyline like the palm of our hand; Mainly, because the battle royale won’t give us any precise information about its location. However, that’s what we’re here for: bringing you a complete guide with the location of all of the experience pieces that were included in Fortnite in week 3 of its season 4. Let’s get into trouble.

Where to find all Fortnite Week 3 (Season 4) PE Green, Blue, Purple and Gold Coins

In week 3 of season 4, Fortnite received the full amount of 10 experience coins: one gold, three purple, three blue, and four green. If you manage to get them all, you will get a good amount of experience points with which you can climb faster in the Battle Pass. Then, We show you where to find each of them in the following video that we have prepared for the occasion:

Before we wrap up, it’s important to point out that in order to get the most out of the latter, the ideal is that you have obtained the Season 4 Battle Pass for a total of 950 V-Bucks. We remind you that you can get them at the best market price thanks to Eneba by clicking on the same link .

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