The Fortnite Ninja Champion is back on Twitch

The Fortnite Ninja Champion is back on Twitch

It has been just over a year since Ninja , one of the world’s best-known players and streamers, announced he was leaving the Twitch streaming platform that helped make him a global star. Today, however, the twenty-nine-year-old American who is passionate about Fortnite is ready to Go Home : with an announcement on her social networks, Ninja has indeed announced that she will return to broadcast her games and content on the platform owned by Amazon , and that it would do so under a multi-year agreement that will be tied to Twitch exclusively until the end of the contract.

Ninja switched to rival Microsoft- owned Mixer platform last year by signing an exclusive deal that made a lot of noise. At the time, the streamer was already among the most popular in the world and was followed by 15 million players on Twitch alone; his departure for other shores divided the community of followers between those who followed their idol in the jump by signing up to Mixer and those who were disappointed by the abandonment. Less than a year later, the Microsoft portal met an unfavorable fate : the number of subscribers was deemed insufficient by Microsoft, which decided to combine its efforts with Facebook by migrating Mixer users to Facebook Gaming.

The users and streamers featured on Mixer wouldn’t have had to do anything to switch to Facebook Gaming, but the merger gave Ninja the opportunity to opt out of the operation and the streamer picked it up quickly. In July, Ninja severed his relationship with Microsoft and Facebook, and after a few appearances on YouTube and on Twitch himself, in those hours, the player is back on the platform on which, artistically speaking, he was born: “In this new chapter of mine, I’m going to try to focus on drawing more viewers to the under-represented categories of streamers, ”Ninja said; “I look forward to working with Twitch to show how this gaming community can have a positive impact. “

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