How to unlock a free Fortnite skin? Nintendo Switch owners will get it

How to unlock a free Fortnite skin Nintendo Switch owners will get it

Information about cooperation between Epic Games on Nintendo has appeared in the game files.

It has been said for a long time that Nintendo will again receive special cosmetic items that can be unlocked by purchasing the Nintendo Switch console.

This information is just being confirmed. Leakers found full graphics in the game files revealing upcoming collaboration.

How to unlock special skins?

After purchasing the Nintendo Switch special edition, players will receive 2,000 V-Bucks and a special package called Wildcat Bundle; containing a skin with three different styles.

How to unlock a free Fortnite skin Nintendo Switch owners will get it

This bundle can only be obtained in two ways. The first is, of course, to buy the console in this edition. The second is simply to buy your key somewhere on the internet and while it is very risky, there are sure to be many people who will agree to take the risk of losing money just for this unique skin.

It is very doubtful that it would be available in the store afterwards. Rather, it will remain something exclusive that cannot be unlocked by purchasing from the Fortnite store or completing challenges.

WildCat skins

The release date is not known yet, but you can guess that it is a matter of a few days for the cooperation to be officially announced.

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