Fortnite Season 4 Secret Challenges (14.10) – All Hidden Challenges!

Fortnite Season 4 Secret Challenges (14.10) - All Hidden Challenges!

It looks like there will be more secret challenges to complete in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4! These are quests that push you to complete objectives that are not listed as Battle Pass challenges. You’ll have to head to the map and explore the map to find them, or you can read this guide on how to get easy XP by completing these hidden challenges.

List of secret challenges

It looks like in Season 4, the Coral Buddies will be involved in other secret challenges. They have gone through various technological ages and still retain some space.

Completing each of these challenges will easily earn you 25,000 XP as a reward. You’ll want to make sure you complete them every week, because if it ends the same way as the previous seasons, sometimes the previous ones will disappear and you won’t be able to complete them.

Secret Challenge # 2 – The GNOM Talk

In the new patch 14.10, there’s a brand new secret challenge for you to complete! It’s very simple to complete, all you have to do is head to the southern part of the map. Go southwest of Misty Meadows and south of Panther’s Prowl to an unnamed tip of the island at coordinate B8. You will find a group of Gnomes, one of them speaking to the others on stage. When you get close to the gnome on stage, it will trigger discussions and eventually you will be credited with the challenge! Once completed, you will get 25,000 XP!

Fortnite Season 4 Secret Challenges (14.10) - All Hidden Challenges!

Secret challenge n ° 1 – Oh no…

The first hidden challenge starts off on a rather sad note. Looks like the Coral Buddies have sunk into oblivion and some hard times have hit them. If you look at the little guys they are still surviving but they seem to have become baby terminators! Well, we hope these little buggers can make a difference and their society doesn’t turn into a post-apocalyptic wasteland. To complete this challenge, all you have to do is visit them on their B1 island on the map.

Fortnite Season 4 Secret Challenges (14.10) - All Hidden Challenges!

All you need to do is go to the area and observe what happened to the Coral Buddies. You don’t have to interact or do anything else, the challenge should just end when you arrive and you will have an easy experience!

Secret Challenge # 2 – Coming Soon!

What’s the story of the Coral Buddies next? Well, we’ll have to wait and see! We usually get a new secret challenge every week or two, usually at least once when there’s a new patch. So, we’ll be keeping an eye out for further developments, and once we find one, you can be sure this article will be updated immediately!

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