Fortnite unveils new Samurai Scrapper pack: price, date and more

Fortnite unveils new Samurai Scrapper pack price, date and more

Be falling new 14.10 update of Fortnite , according to the latest data that came to light in the last few days, the truth is that one could hope that Epic Games to be held at the publication of new information on content that will reach battle royale in the future… and more to make these will be available hours after you place your ad.

We are talking about Samurai Scraper Pack , a new premium content package for Fortnite that stands out for what we will get when it is acquired on one of the platforms on which the game is currently available. And is that, according to the companions of the Intel Fortnite portal , the pack page on the PlayStation Store That left us with all the data we need about it.

Fortnite Samurai Scrapper Pack Price, Release Date & Content

Fortnite Samurai Scrapper Pack Price, Release Date & Content

Date and price

According to the Fortnite datamin community , this package is already available for purchase in some regions of the planet and is expected to be available globally as well for tomorrow, September 9 at around € 15.99. / € or € 12.99.


  • Access to Save the World mode
  • A new hero for Save the World mode
  • A weapon diagram for a Save the World lance
  • Samurai Scrapper Skin (which can also be used in battle royale)
  • A samurai backpack accessory
  • A series of challenges associated with the character with which we can get 1000 V-Bucks and 1000 tickets to complete the daily missions of Save the World

Finally and in order to complete the information that we wanted to share with you all in the same direction, we can only remind you that in Areajugones We will be extremely attentive to the next steps that you will take Fortnite with the objective of bringing you all the important news that comes up in relation to its season 4 .

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