Fortnite: the 5 best locations to land in season 4

Fortnite the 5 best locations to land in season 4

While it is true that our performance in a game of Fortnite still depends to some extent on the luck factor, the truth is that we have a series of data and strategies to achieve it that it is not the latter, but our own ability, which is consistent as a defining aspect around how many players we reach survive in a shootout. And, precisely, we cannot forget that every process has a beginning and, in this case, It involves choosing a place to land.

Also, taking into account the fact that the spawn rate of chests has dropped a lot in the current season 4 , which has become one of the most significant changes that have come to Fortnite alongside the new season, the truth is that it will be crucial to land in a place full of these containers.

That is why, following the data that can be found on the so-called Fortnite GG interactive map , we wanted to prepare a guide with the places in this season 4 in which a greater number of chests appear and, therefore, they are formed as a place to get the right equipment faster to start the game on the right foot.

Best places to drop in Fortnite (season 4)

As can be seen from the screenshot that we will share with you all below, we will see what it is about Calígine Field the one that is most likely to generate chests within its borders. However, there are other Featured Locations we can drop into to ensure good loot early in a game. Let’s see what they are:

Best places to drop in Fortnite (season 4)

  1. Calígine Field
  2. Doom Estate
  3. Swimming pools for sleeping
  4. Burning sands
  5. Dirty docks

Now one of the things that we have to take into account when we stumble upon one of these locations is that these not popular enough to have to fight other players for the gear that can be found inside, which leaves us the idea that the 2 best options of this season 4 would be Champ de Calígine and Filthy Docks.

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