How many viewers did Tfue lose after leaving Fortnite? More than it seems

How many viewers did Tfue lose after leaving Fortnite More than it seems

Tfue hasn’t been playing Fortnite at all for a while. One of the biggest streamers felt the absence of the Epic Games title on their broadcasts. How is he doing now?

Tfue has recently been associated primarily with his strong complaints about Fortnite. At some point, the streamer decided to leave the game, which caused him a lot of negative emotions.

As it turns out, a lot of people came to his broadcasts and on YouTube only to watch Battle Royale from Epic Games. How much Tfue lost after cutting off from Fortnite?

40% of viewers just walked away

As statistics show, after leaving Fortnite, the number of viewers of streams has dropped significantly. Especially in recent days, when Tfue mainly plays Fall Guys, intertwining them with Call of Duty. The website that collects information about streams sees a 40% decrease in the last 90 days.

Perte des visiteur du streamer Tfue

What does the YouTube streamer look like? The viewership also dropped there, although Battle Royale miniatures appeared on several films completely unrelated to Fortnite. In its best month, Tfue had an audience of 116 million. Now it’s 18 million.

Tfue streamer visitor loss curve

Can you talk about the end of the streamer here? Definitely not. Even with such results, he is still one of the greatest content creators on the internet. His viewership in the last 3 days ranks him 30 on Twitch. Of course, it’s not TOP 1 anymore, but it’s still very high.

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