Fortnite: what can we expect from the next patch 14.10

Fortnite what can we expect from the next patch 14.10

Even though Fortnite Season 4 brought a huge amount of new content that gives a big twist to the experience offered by battle royale, the truth is that Epic Games it could still have a lot of aces up its sleeve by the time the season has been in the game for a few weeks.

This is why, and taking into account that the company is already doing the final tests for update 14.10, which will be released very soon in Fortnite , that we wanted to collect the many leaks about the future of the game that already have been revealed to kick off some of our predictions about the content that will arrive with this patch .

That way, below you will find a list of such news that Epic Games could include in Fortnite in the days to come; new locations to some more clues about the conflict between the heroes of wonder and Galactus that is brewing in season 4. Let’s get into trouble.

Possible content of the new Fortnite 14.10 update

New location

Given that Epic Games recently updated the Fortnite storyline with two new locations inspired by several key locations in the Marvel Universe, it wouldn’t be surprising if patch 14.10 arrives alongside another of these locations; with the Collector’s Museum being the third to be filtered alongside that of Ant-Man and Black Panther , which are already available in the game.

New clues to the hidden plot of the season

Those of you who have been playing Fortnite lately , you may have noticed that a strange phenomenon is occurring at Frenzy Farm which could be related to the conflict which the Marvel Heroes and the Battle Royale will play alongside Galactus .

And, if we say this, it’s because of the fact that Epic Games He’s reverted to his old ways of not divulging a single piece of information about these mysterious elements that he puts on the battle royale map; something that makes us think that the sphere that forms on said part of the field of the game island could have to do with the hidden plot of this season 4.

Fortnite what can we expect from the next patch 14.10

New Black Panther Skin

Just a few days ago, the film and entertainment industry in general has been shaken by the death of Chadwick Boseman , actor who played Black Panther in the first movie superhero for the film world wonder , which would leave Epic Nail Games a good opportunity to honor his departure by giving the leaked character skin in Fortnite.

And, if we say “reveal” It is because the company has already had details of this type on other occasions in the past and, above all, because to invoice an outfit that the multinational had planned to launch for this season 4 of a character whose actor is no longer with us would be a move in bad taste for many; although we still cannot rule out any possibility.

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