Fortnite Season 4 Week 2 XP Coins

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A new bundle of XP coins has been released for Week 2 of Chapter 2: Season 4 in Fortnite ! While there are still no gold coins to be found, you have an easy experience collecting collecting all nine coins that can be found on the map. They’re pretty well scattered, so you’ll probably want to take a car or helicopter for easier access! Make sure to look for items that glow blue to open to find those blue pieces. You’ll also want to wrap these purple coins as they explode all over the place, making them hard to collect!

There are four green, three blue, and two purple XP coins to collect for week two. They’re in pretty normal places, but some of the green parts are a bit harder to find due to their location.

If you are looking to collect coins from past weeks, we have another item with all Season 4 XP coins!


If you are having difficulty locating any of the parts, you can find them in the video below!

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