Epic has so baded the boxes in Fortnite that sometimes finding them is almost a miracle

Epic to check the boxes in Fortnite so that sometimes finding them is almost a miracle

Epic destroyed the boxes with season 4. Effect?

Epic did not share this information with players, but the community itself found information in the files that the spawn of crates was reduced from 100 to 70%. Theoretically, it does not sound too bad, practically sometimes it means empty houses.

As you can guess, the players do not really like it. Especially that the challenges require opening boxes, which makes them more difficult and sometimes means wasting extra time.

What does the nerf look like in practice?

Until recently, crates had a 100% chance of appearing in certain places. This is no longer the case, as the players also prove. Reddit user with nickname & # 8220; Leo9991 & # 8221; shows on an example how he checked 5 different places with crates to find none.

It is not known whether Epic will react to this in any way, but such situations are happening to players more and more often.

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