Fortnite will also support Ray Tracing

Fortnite will also support Ray Tracing

A few hours ago, the new NVIDIA graphics cards were presented, as our colleague Javier detailed in his article, these will be the next generation graphics cards. This may be due to the announcement of new consoles being released this year, so NVIDIA wanted to get ahead and claim the throne of the best graphics.

Recently, NVIDIA and Epic Games announced that Fortnite , the popular battle royale with over 350 million players worldwide, will include real-time ray tracing.

Thanks to Fortnite’s new technology, we can see ourselves reflected in the water.

In this regard a d That was a few hours ago, as part of the special event in which the GeForce Epic Games Battle Royale Fortnite could not miss the event, he detailed the events of the game with new graphics cards. It has also been revealed that those with the new graphics cards will be able to take advantage of in-game Ray Tracing and will be the only cards that support this technology at this time.

This new technology implemented in the game will have four functions, which we will detail below:

  • Ray- traced reflections: Recreate the way light reflects off shiny metallic surfaces, including smooth natural mirrors like glass and surfaces.
  • Ray tracing shadows : Improves the accuracy of shadows on surfaces, improving surface detail and contact.
  • Global Ray- Traced Illumination : Enhance the illumination of the world with more precision, fidelity and clarity.
  • Ambient Ray Tracing Occlusion: Where objects or surfaces meet, light is occluded, creating subtle shadows that can highlight the details of these micro-interiors with different shades of color.

However, another technology was also included, NVIDIA DLSS 2.0, the patent that uses AI to increase the speed of frames per second by emulating high resolution running natively at a lower resolution. It offers gamers increased performance to maximize quality settings and output resolution.

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