Fortnite Super Power Eliminations Quick Challenge

Fortnite Super Power Eliminations Quick Challenge

If you’ve been looking to upgrade your Fortnite Battle Pass and complete some quick challenges, you might have come across the challenge of super power kills . It’s a bit difficult to do at the moment, as there is currently only one boss on the map with superpowers you can take. So if you want to complete this task, you will likely have to fight some players, henchmen, and even a superhero in the process!

To complete the Quick Super Power Kills Challenge, you’ll need to go to Doom’s Estate. It’s located where Pleasant Park used to be, and it’s currently the only place with real henchmen and a boss. You will meet Doctor Doom at this location, which you will have to eliminate and then equip his abilities! Once you have them, you will now need to eliminate some opponents to complete the challenge.

Fortnite Super Power Eliminations Quick Challenge

Once you make your way to Doom’s Domain, you’ll want to watch out for all the goons lying around. You can jump into a phone booth to disguise yourself, or you can just fight your way. Doctor Doom can usually be found in the house he’s made his residence in, which is at the far north of the map. It’s directly north of the large Doctor Doom statue which is in the center. Be careful when fighting him because he can use his powers and his bomb will set structures on fire! Once you’ve taken him down, you can equip any of his abilities and use them to take out players. You can also use them on some remaining minions, as they will count towards your kills total.

The reason this challenge is tough right now is that Doctor Doom is the only boss on the map, and a lot of players are landing there. This means that you will probably have to fight through players, henchmen and Doctor Doom just to have a chance to get the powers!

If you really want to make it easier on yourself, you can always jump into a bot lobby. This allows you to play only against bots, but it does require you to have access to a second device that can run Fortnite on it. You can find more details in our guide.

While this challenge is particularly frustrating at the moment, it will hopefully get easier as the season progresses. A lot of new bosses are expected to be added to the map, and a lot of POIs are likely to be picked up by them. I would expect in every patch we would see an updated POI and hopefully a boss with additional powers to use!

You can find everything you need to know about the new Battle Pass in our Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 guide!

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