Fortnite weather station location – pro game guides

Fortnite weather station location - pro game guides

The weather station has been on the Fortnite map for a few seasons, so if you’ve been playing around you might already know where it is. If not, you might be looking for some advice on where to go, we’ll show you the exact location you need to go!

Fortnite’s weather station is located directly east of Misty Meadows in the mountains. It is very close to the top of Mount Kay and directly south of Catty Corner. It’s below the top of the mountain on a plateau area with a bunch of different buildings.

Fortnite weather station location - pro game guides

You will need to go to this location to complete one of your Storm Awakening challenges. It’s a very simple task that just requires you to wear the outfit and visit the weather station. Once you’ve done that you’ll move on to the next challenge which requires you to mount a Steam Stack to Steamy Stacks during a storm as a Storm!

If you want to learn more about this Battle Pass, be sure to check out our Season 4 guide!

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