Fortnite unveils legendary new abilities for Wolverine, Iron Man, and more

Fortnite unveils legendary new abilities for Wolverine, Iron Man, and more

Beyond the large amounts of unpublished content that Fortnite received in Season 4 in the form of new weapons and locations that can already be found on your map, the truth is that Epic Games An Ace Has Been Kept Up Its Sleeve. to transform the gameplay to which the battle royale has accustomed us: the mythical capacities of the Marvel superheroes that can be found in the games.

And is that, if in this other article We have already told you how to get the ones that are currently available in Fortnite , today the community of gaming dataminers (in particular, the leaker known as HYPEX ) has done an important filtration which allows us to know what are the mythical capacities which will come to him in the future . Therefore, below we will leave these for you in a list; although, yes, taking into account that their name is still in English and we don’t know what specific effects many of them will have.

Fortnite Mythic New Abilities Leaked From Season 4

  • Black panther :
    • An ability that would block damage and turn it into a projectile that we could shoot at enemies
  • She-hulk :
    • Jumping smash : A skill with which we could make a big jump and exert a strong impact on the pitch
    • Fist : She-hulk would give a powerful punch to an enemy which, in addition, would allow our life to regenerate in small amounts
  • Wolverine :
    • BerserkerDash : Wolverine would rush to deal damage to enemies
    • Spin splash – An ability that would allow Wolverine to spin on his own axis with his claws raised and do quite a bit of damage to enemies
  • Storm :
    • Tornado jump : Storm it would take a big jump in the air with which it would generate a tornado that would do damage to enemies
  • Thor :
    • Sky Strike : Thor he would propel himself in the air to land in an area where he would cause significant damage to opponents
  • Hombre from Hierro :
    • Cannon Repulsor : an ability that would allow us to shoot a beam that would deal a lot of damage to enemies and structures
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