Fortnite: Unlock Wolverine – all challenges with tips

Fortnite Wolverine challanges

In Chapter 2, Season 4 of “Fortnite”, you can unlock a Wolverine skin and various accessories. To do this, you must solve a series of tasks that send you through the game world . Here you will find an overview of all the challenges and tips for solving them.

You can earn a total of nine items in the style of the Marvel hero clawed Wolverine in “Fortnite”. Each activation is linked to a challenge, but you won’t see all the challenges at once: they will be activated gradually during Season 4. We are constantly updating this article, if you do not see a task here yet, please so come back in a few days.

Challenge 1: find stripes

Wolverine’s first challenge is “Investigate Three Secret Scratch Marks”. There are more than three scratch marks on the map, but you only need to find three. Land at Weeping Woods and search the area. You can find scratch marks:

under the terrace of the wooden house north of the village

on the green caravan

on a rock in the small lake

on a fridge in the wooden tower

on a pillar of the wooden bridge

inside the exterior door to the south of the big house

Reward: Spray Pattern “Berserk Attack!”

Challenge 2: TBA

Activation on September 3

Reward: Adamantium Slicer Loading Screen

Challenge 3: TBA

Activation on September 10

Reward: “Wolverines Trophy” rear accessory

Challenge 4: TBA

Activation on September 17th

Reward: Painting “wild pattern”

Challenge 5: TBA

Activation September 24

Award: Style “The MCG (Wolverine, Volume 2 No. 145)”

Challenge 6: TBA

Activation on October 1st

Reward: “Wolverine” Outfit

Challenge 7: TBA

Activation on October 1st

Reward: Weapon X Emoticon

Challenge 8: TBA

Activation on October 1st

Reward: Wolverine Claw Banner

Challenge 9: TBA

Activation on October 1st

Reward: Integrated “Sching!” Emote