Fortnite Friendship Monument Location – Pro Game Guides

Fortnite Friendship Monument Location - Pro Game Guides

The final challenge to fully awakening Groot requires you to go to a friendly place where two new friends meet! These two characters are well known in Fortnite circles if you’ve played the game during the seasons of Chapter 2. They’ve finally met, and their friendship is something Groot wants to celebrate!

To locate the Friendship Monument in Fortnite, you’ll need to head to the west side of the map and find Fort Crumpet. It’s directly west of Sweaty Sands and a little north. There are two large trees to the east of the fort, and between these is the monument you are looking to locate.

Fortnite Friendship Monument Location - Pro Game Guides

The Friendship Monument meets the Hayman and the Pipeman together and they share a high-five together. These two characters have been moving around the map for a few seasons, and they’ve finally met. Once you reach the location, all you need to do is get up close and personal with these famous people and use an emote like Groot! This will unlock the Rocket Pet and the built-in emote.

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