The Black Panther is supposed to arrive in the Marvel season of Fortnite

Yes, Black Panther is supposed to arrive in the Marvel season of Fortnite

Yes, Black Panther is supposed to arrive in the Marvel season of Fortnite

Late last night, the world learned of the tragic death of Chadwick Boseman, the 43-year-old actor who blew everyone away as the Black Panther in the groundbreaking superhero film, but had a full booming career. from great roles from Jackie Robinson to Thurgood Marshall.

Boseman died after a years-long battle with colon cancer, something he fought entirely in secret and did so while filming blockbuster movies and doing charities like visiting children with illnesses. similar to the one he had in private. An incredible actor and man.

Although Boseman has played many roles, it is impossible to extract him from his iconic performance as T’Challa, Black Panther, across four different Marvel films. And now the way the Black Panther character is handled in the future must be very sensitive to his passing and how fully he has embodied the role.

As for Black Panther 2, there seems to be the common consensus that it shouldn’t be recast, but the film and the MCU should adapt, giving the “mantle” of Panther to Shuri, or another character. I read a quote last night that said something about “You can do another Black Panther movie, but you can never do another Chadwick Boseman movie”, which should be the center of attention in this moment.

But even those Black Panther adaptations that aren’t directly related to Boseman are still in effect, related to him. It’s possible that the next Avengers game, released next week, will reveal Black Panther as a future playable character, but more urgently, we have the new Marvel-themed season of Fortnite which already has Black Panther-related plans in place.

I saw Fortnite fans last night requesting a Black Panther ‘tribute’ skin in honor of Boseman, but many may not realize that some Black Panther plans were already underway before that, and now. they may need to be changed.

What we know from datamining is that there is an upcoming POI that will be added to the “Panther Monument” map at some point in the future. We’ve also seen the next “superpower” leak for players to acquire, which includes Black Panther’s Combination Skills, Kinetic Absorption, and Whirlpool Blast.

Both of these points to the likelihood that Black Panther will be featured as a paid skin later this season (we already know more Marvel skins are coming, Silver Surfer has already been fully dated). And that raises the question of how it should be handled.

On the one hand, Epic might just drop that whole concept out of respect for Boseman’s passing. And yet, just “erasing” the character he made famous and inspired so much doesn’t seem like the right decision.

Although they can’t smooth a black panther skin very well in a few weeks and start making money from it, either.

It seems the best option here is to continue with their Black Panther plans, to sell the skin, but to donate all the profits from the skin and cosmetics associated with a cancer charity or one for which Boseman himself has shown his support.

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