Fall Guys and Fortnite merge

Fall Guys and Fortnite merge in these fan-imagined skins

Fall Guys and Fortnite merge in these fan-imagined skins

Fortnite It has been the game of the moment since it hit the market in 2017. However, less than a month ago, another title appeared that gave the big surprise, and it is none other than The guys from fall, which is becoming immensely popular. In the Battle Royale of Epic Games We have seen an infinity of collaborations (without going further, the new season is a collaboration in itself with Merveille), in the game of Médiatonique we have seen some, but we have not had the time to see a lot more. How would it be a collaboration between Fortnite and Fall Guys?

And that’s exactly what user imagined nxtpyne, who has repeatedly shared a lot of concept art on Fortnite skins. Additionally, you have now created nail skin for Fall Guys and it could be chosen in three colors. Is Skin is inspired by Fortnite Calls Squishy, ​​Squishy, ​​and Squishy Purple skins, the former of which became particularly popular in the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 Battle Pass.

The result could not be or combine better with the colorful Battle Royale aesthetic of Digital Flip. You can see it below:

Fall Guys and Fortnite skin

Will we ever end up seeing a collaboration between the two games? Probably yes, because on many occasions we have seen Mediatonics very open minded when collaborating with many companies including Epic Games, the one by his side made endless collaborations and there would be no reason to say no to The Fall Guys. In any case, this is speculative, so all that remains is to wait until one of the two companies ends up announcing a supposed collaboration.