Mjölnir awakening challenge

Mjölnir Awakening Challenge Fortnite season 4 guide

Mjölnir Awakening Challenge Fortnite season 4 guide

During this season 4 of Chapter 2 of Fortnite, all the skins in the battle pass have a special ability unlockable by completing Awakening Challenges. Each in turn, as you progress through the levels, they will reveal their secrets. The first of these is Thor at level 15. But before that, he must awaken his famous hammer, Mjölnir, with a challenge accessible from level 8 of the battle pass.

Mjölnir’s Awakening Challenge is titled: Prove Your Bravery by picking up Mjölnir as Thor. Follow the guide and you’re done!

Mjölnir, show us your power

Mjölnir, show us your power

To complete this unique challenge, you will first need to pick up the Thor skin which you unlock at level 1 of the battle pass. Next, start a game and travel to the crater level where Thor landed on Fortnite Island. It is just north of Weeping Woods and it appears on the map as a burnt circle.

fortnite saison 4 north of Weeping Woods

Once there, go to the center and approach Mjölnir, Thor’s hammer placed right in the middle and hold down the Action key to pick it up.

fortnite thor's hammer

This will replace your current gathering tool with the hammer and you can use it to harvest resources or deal damage to opponents. Return to the lobby to collect your reward.

Thor's Hammer

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