The Fortnite umbrella top 1 season 4 chapter 2

Fortnite: the umbrella top 1 season 4 chapter 2

Discover the umbrella offered to all Fortnite players during their first Top 1 of Season 3 of Chapter 2.

The Fortnite umbrella top 1 season 4 chapter 2

Following the release of Update 14.00, synonymous with the launch of Season 4, Fortnite players have been able to discover many new features on the battlefield. Of course, as always, a new umbrella is available for all players who win a game, making this famous “Top 1“.

For many seasons now, when a player wins his first game of the season, he has received a glider for free in the form of an umbrella in the colors of the theme of the season, or close to it.

For this fourth season, Fortnite players can win the “Mighty Marvel Umbrella” which is sure to recall the universe of these superheroes.

The top 1 season 4 umbrella, how to recover it?

As we explained above, it is imperative to launch a normal game, solo, duo or section, and win the famous Victory Royale. Only in this way will you be able to collect this umbrella, which is exclusive to this fourth season of chapter 2. If you fail to make a top 1 during the season, you will not be able to collect this umbrella again, given that it does not appear in the store.

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