How to get super powers from Marvel skins

Fortnite: how to get the mythical abilities of the Marvel characters in season 4

How to get super powers from Marvel skins

At the heights where we are now, you could say that Epic Games introduced in Season 2 of Chapter 2 of Fortnite one of the best mechanics that have reached the battle royale to date, which consists of these bases full of henchmen. guarded by a final boss that we must kill if we want to get their weapons. And, precisely, the arrival of season 4 of the title has given him a series of wonderful content that will allow us to emulate the abilities of many of their characters.

That’s why we wanted to develop a comprehensive guide so that you can quickly and clearly see what you need to do to achieve the mythical abilities of each of them. And is that, while at the moment only those of Dr Doom, Groot and Silver Surfer, Epic Games are expected to add more as the season progresses, so we’ll be updating this article over the weeks. Let’s have trouble.

How to get Fortnite Season 4 character superpowers

Dr Doom:

To acquire the skills of Dr Doom we will have to go to the conquered site: Pleasant Park, which now receives the name of Domaine Doom. Once there, we’ll have to search for the character and kill him to get his two mythical abilities. The good thing is that the character will still be located in the underground base of the location.

Groot et Silver Surfer:

According to the Intel Fortnite portal companions, the powers of Groot and Silver Surfer can be obtained in the Quinjet Patrol Ships, locations that are also tied to the challenges of week 1 of season 4 of Fortnite. We are talking about aircraft whose landing zone can be identified by a column of blue smoke, as shown in the following image:

How to get Fortnite Season 4 character superpowers

Apparently, in each of these ships there will be at least one of the two mythical abilities hidden in one of their chests or in the supply drones. Rigid. Therefore, to get one of the two when we get there we’ll just have to loot the place until we find it.

Fortnite How To Get Mythic Abilities Of Marvel Characters

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