Fortnite dispute with Apple

Dispute with Apple: the maker of “Fortnite” Epic suffered a setback

The dispute between Epic Games and Apple now also concerns American justice. A California District Judge is not helping the creators of “Fortnite” – quite the contrary. She rejects an urgent request from the software company because there is no “irreparable damage”.

Dispute with Apple Fortnite Epic maker suffered setback

In the dispute with US tech group Apple, video game developer Epic Games suffered a setback in court. California District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers in a ruling dismissed an urgent petition from the developer of the popular game “Fortnite”. With this Epic Games wanted to realize that Apple must immediately re-include its programs in its App Store. At the same time, the judge banned Apple from excluding Epic from its programming tools.

Epic could not prove that it suffered “irreparable damage” by being banned from the App Store, the judge said. The company “appears to have put itself in this difficult position” by apparently breaking its terms of contract with Apple.

Conversely, the judge allowed Epic’s urgent motion against the exclusion of development tools for Apple’s operating systems. In this case, Epic has not broken the terms of the contract. “The current litigation can easily be confined to the competition law claims in the App Store,” she said. “You don’t have to go any further.”

Apple requires 30%

The dispute between Apple and the makers of “Fortnite” flared up in mid-August when Epic Games released an update that was supposed to waive taxes on Apple as well as Google. The move sparked a debate about the extent to which big platforms should set the rules for the digital world. Apple charges 30% of the revenue generated by application programmers on the company’s platforms. After the update, the company immediately removed “Fortnite” from its app store.

Epic then took legal action against the group for alleged violation of competition law. Apple has threatened to deny Epic access to its program libraries. Microsoft then got involved and pointed out that Epic was developing the so-called Unreal Engine – a graphical programming framework that enables visual representation of 3D worlds and is used in many games, including those from Microsoft. If Epic could no longer deliver them to Apple devices, many other game developers would suffer.

The judge recommended that Epic reverse its method of undermining Apple’s fee system while the trial continues. The next court hearing will be on September 28.

While Epic Games was unwilling to comment on the court order, Apple said: “We agree with the judge that the ‘reasonable approach’ would be for Epic to follow the rules of the game. ‘App Store and continues to operate as the business progresses. . The company added: “If Epic takes the action recommended by the judge, we would like Fortnite to return to iOS.”

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