Thor’s hammer

Where to find Thor’s hammer in Fortnite

Thor's hammer

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 starts this Thursday, August 27, but we’re already seeing new things happening as we get closer to the Marvel-themed shenanigans at the heart of Fortnite’s next big change.

Where to find Thor's hammer in Fortnite

You can already find Thor’s Hammer in the game. It is located south of Salty Springs and is in the center of a huge crater. If you are wondering how Thor’s Hammer got there, you should read the comic that is now on the Battle Pass screen, lying on the barrel to the right.

Thor and Galactus both sensed the presence of the planet, and Thor came to warn us of the impending attack on Galactus. He meets some of the Fortnite players, who being real Battle Royale players have decided to take the plunge with the God of Thunder.

As Thor prepares to fight them, he seems to forget who he is and why he’s there. He throws his hammer, which crashes into the earth, causing the crater. As you might expect, the hammer appears to be completely immune to all damage, and if you try to harvest it your harvesting tool will bounce off it, with no effect.

There’s actually nothing you can do on the site right now, but you can go take a look and more than likely have a dance party with everyone else checking out this latest Fortnite map change.

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